Yalu Kit Home Textile thickened coral velvet four piece set winter milk velvet sheet quilt cover double-sided Plush warm flannel sheet double bedding

Color, suitable for bed size, Xiangge, love bear, strawberry milkshake, love qianniao, Shili flower makeup, peach, ziyue, colorful feather, Baroque, gentleman bear, love leopard, butterfly bear orange, heart flower, laughing cat, Leila, rainbow bear, color bar, elk fairy tale, bow bear red, dull bear, European emperor, little yellow flower, color grid, lucky day, 1.2m bed sheet, three piece quilt cover 150x200cm, 1.5m bed sheet, four piece quilt cover 200x230cm, 1.8m bed sheet, four piece quilt cover 200x230cm, 2.0m bed sheet four piece quilt cover 220x240cm, 1.5m fitted sheet four piece quilt cover 200x230cm, 1.8m fitted sheet four piece quilt cover 200x230cm,,

Good quality, completely consistent with the seller's description, very satisfied, really like it, completely exceeding expectations, very fast delivery speed, very careful and tight packaging, good service attitude of the logistics company, fast delivery speed, good service attitude of the delivery brother, serious and responsible, very satisfied with a shopping surprise, exquisite workmanship, as thin as cicada wings, air holes under the armpits, and standard size. This price is too favorable. The actual clothes are thinner and breathable as always. The price and quality of big brands are close to the people. They are also suitable and perfect clothes! Will support this brand in the future! Love! Ventilation effect: suitable size: XL I weigh 170, height 174, wear suitable, thin as cicada wings, ventilated and breathable, value for money! Personal favorite brand, style and color are also very good-looking. Fabric material: very good, 40 degree sunscreen and breathable effect: it's OK. Things with ventilation holes under the armpits are very good and breathable. They are very light and good-looking. I like this brand of clothes very much. I recommend you to buy them.

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